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In The News! – June 2003

Coming Up

In June, we will have a special production of a play based on Mildred D. Taylor’s book, “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.” This will be a world premiere of an adaptation recently penned from our very own Zechary Stigger. He was so impressed with the book that he wanted to turn it into a performance of his own. The cast and crew consists mainly of student’s from Zechary’s seventh grade room 320. They are being assisted by our music teacher, Ms. Jenkins.

Our eighth graders will celebrate their graduation on June 17. We are very happy for our students, and proud of the accomplishments they have strived to make. Congratulations to you all!

Recent Happenings

The annual Melody Technology and Career Fair took place on Friday, May 30. Throughout the building, middle grades students presented the fruits of their labor with posters and presentations on various professional careers. The primary grades created demonstrations of various animal and plant habitats. Melody was pleased to have the support of the varied professionals who took part during the day by spending their time and expertise with Melody’s children.

At this year’s Student-Faculty Basketball game, all-time points and rebound leader Mister Williams led his fellow teachers on a second-half pummeling of the accomplished eighth grade boys, coming back from a first half in which the boys demonstrated their ability to handle the ball among some heavy contenders. Williams and Mr. “Shaq” Rice put up so many points in so little time, that the scorekeeper could not keep up with the pace. So we will never have a true total on Williams’ lifetime points count. (Note from the “Professor”: Some of the boys seem to think they tied the game at the very end, but they fail to realize that official time had already been called, and additional minutes were put onto the clock just for fun. Coach asked for two minutes, and the time keeper put up five, thus giving the boys an additional FIVE MINUTES to score a couple points. The win goes to the teachers.)

The Beta Club recently held a dinner for their sponsors. The club members hosted their guests in the Media Center, serving food and drinks for the occasion.

Melody was proud to have two winners in the Academic Olympics! Dijon Mitchell (from room 312) won 3rd place in math and Takia Bates (also from room 312) won 3rd place in writing. Congratulations to you both!

Meanwhile in the Spelling Bee, we were proud to have another prize winner: Zechary Stigger took second place. Congratulations, Zechary!


In The News! Archives

There are no current archives of old Melody/Cole Elementary School news.


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