Melody/Cole Elementary School is proud to work with the following sponsors:

Pepper Construction Company and Pepper Family Foundation
Mt. Sinai

Pepper Construction Company and Pepper Family Foundation

Melody is very grateful for the continued support that our students receive from the Pepper Construction Company and the Pepper Family Foundation.

Company president Richard Pepper, along with his wife Roxy, serve as Melody’s “Principal(s) for a Day,” a CPS program designed to foster ties between the public schools and the community.

In addition to visits to the school during the year, Melody has received much financial assistance from Pepper. Teachers, parents and students are proud of the new Library/Media Center and Science Lab constructed by Pepper in the last few years as well as the new faculty parking lot currently under construction.

Sinai Community Institute

Sinai Community Institute has provided support to Melody for years. Most recently, they have begun an after-school tutoring program for our students.


In1990, the collegiate Big Ten Conference has partnered with Melody School to begin a recreational reading program at our school. Since then, students in grades two through six have been reading more for their own enjoyment. S.C.O.R.E. is also responsible for providing our students with sweatshirts, an annual “Kickoff” assembly at the beginning of the year, field trips, and help during the annual Career Fair.

This is what the Big Ten has to say about the program:

“One measure of the program’s success is the enthusiasm and frequency by which students voluntarily choose to read. Additional goals achieved have been the students’ family awareness of the need for reading skills, with active parental involvement in the reinforcement of the program’s focus at home. Development and solidifying of a “community” of support for the goals of the program…cross-grade reading partners and literature circles, storytelling and play production. The SCORE program nurtures every aspect of literacy development.

“The program is proven to have a positive impact on the students’ academic lives. National test program scores for both Melody and Armstrong have documented solid growth in reading skills over the seven years of the program.

“Not measured by test scores: Students showing a sense of pride in their accomplishments…positive attitudes toward academic achievements…building skills for a lifetime for career success and just for the pure enjoyment of the experience.”

You can read this on the S.C.O.R.E. website at http://www.bigten.org/score/score.cfm.


Posted May 26, 2011 by Amar Rama Brisco

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